four-point egg on toast

I obsessively collect cookbooks, and lately, I’ve been obsessively reading food blogs. I can’t help it. I’m trying to eat healthy stuff, so I’m living vicariously through others. I came upon Cook Sister and saw that she is hosting a a very serious and somber event: End of the Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza!

It just so happens that I devour quite a bit of a particular egg on toast creation, and I felt it only proper, in the interest of sharing with all of mankind, that I participate in this momentous occasion.

It’s without shame that I admit that I love McDonald’s sausage mcmuffins with egg. Yes, I’ve seen Supersize Me and I know the Weight Watchers points (11), but I can’t help it. They’re really good. However, 11 points is half the total points I get in a day if I’m sticking with the WW plan, so I can’t exactly go through the McDonald’s drive-through every day and expect to be ready to wear a bikini when we go to Mexico in May.

So, I’ve found a substitution that, while not the same as the McDonald’s version, is very tasty and satisfying. And while you may recoil in horror at my preparation method (primarily involving a microwave), it’s just so quick and easy in the mornings, and I don’t find it detracts at all from the taste. But then, my morning alternative tends to be a little granola and fat-free plain yogurt, so maybe it’s all a matter of context.

In any case, I give you the four-point egg and sausage muffin:

english muffin
Morningstar (fake) sausage patty
1/4 cup Egg Beaters

Step 1: put the english muffin in the toaster.
Step 2: put the sausage patty on a plate and microwave for 1 minute.
Step 3: pour the egg beaters into a small bowl (or the As Seen On TV Egg Wave, which P. so thoughtfully bought for my birthday)
Step 4: when the sausage is done, put the egg beaters in the microwave for 1 minute.
Step 5. Pop out the english muffin, add a little ketchup, then add the sausage and egg (and a bit of salt and pepper).


I know. Fake sausage? Fake eggs? Eggs cooked in the microwave? No butter, no cheese? I’m telling you, it’s really really good. And you don’t get that bogged down, greasy, guilty feeling after, either. I might have to go make one right now.

4 thoughts on “four-point egg on toast

  1. Hi Alice! And welcome to EoMEoTE – it’s always great to see a new face popping by. Thanks for the recipe – I gotta say it looks a lot more substantial than the McD’s version! And as for fake eggs, microwave cooking and the like – hey, everybody needs a shortcut here and there. My culinary faux pas is using instant gravy granules when I’m pressed for time – but don’t tell a soul!! ;-) Look out for the EoMEoTE roundup later this week & hope to see you back next month!

  2. Bravo. This is cutting edge EoMEoTE postmodern simulacracity.

    Jeanne – “gravy granules”? I am so deeply, deeply, disappointed.

  3. That’s me: cutting edge. Hee.

    And I do admit that one of my favorite snacks is instant white gravy with instant mashed potatoes. Probably I shouldn’t admit that, huh.

  4. I had a similar breakfast for months, but it was whole eggs and sliced tomato instead of sausage. I like your sandwich so much better!

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