I didn’t just eat gravy

I wanted to, but I did make other things.

I made both cornbread and regular stuffing, because why choose when you can have both? I realized that the only cast iron skillet I have is a grill pan (I used to have a complete set of cast iron, years and years ago, but I lived a half mile from the beach, and the ocean air left the pans a little, erm, rusty). I plowed ahead with it with great success. Since Thanksgiving (well, the day after) only comes once a year, I figured if things weren’t all that low-fat. I may have gone overboard though.

I chopped up eight slices of bacon and fried that in the pan. I then took out the bacon, but used the remaining oil in the cornbread mixture. Then, I poured the mixture into the bacony pan and baked it in the oven. Nothing makes cornbread tasty like bacon. In the stuffing, I added roasted anaheim peppers, the bacon (obviously), sauteed onions, celery, and garlic, red pepper flakes, cheddar cheese, cumin, oregano, and lots of others peppers and spices I happened to have on hand. I’m thinking of frying some up today for lunch.

The other stuffing was your typical Joy of Cooking recipe with added mushrooms. I cut up a baguette into cubes and toasted them up in the oven. I never make the cubes small enough because I’m always worried that because the bread is so crusty, the knife will slip, and I’ll cut my finger. Which only happened the one time, but now I’m forever making the cubes too big. I should really use a food processor.

I also made Alton Brown’s chipotle smashed sweet potatoes, which I recommend making way more often than just at Thanksgiving. I add about three times the chipotle peppers and sauce he recommends though. It’s the easiest thing to make and so hot and good.

I made mashed potatoes the same way as always: with some butter, milk, chives, and cream cheese.

I wanted to make garlic green beans, but by the time we made it to the store, the beans were looking pretty wilty and sad. So, we made due with creamed spinach, with lots of onion, garlic, and mushrooms. And er, cream cheese.

I didn’t need to make any dessert since P. had made the most delicious cheesecake ever earlier in the week. And we had store- bought rolls. I admit it.

It was all good, but it mostly made a nice foundation for the gravy.

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