the most delicious gravy ever. seriously

I mean, I could eat this gravy with a spoon, as a soup. Which is fortunate since it took me the entire day to make. Totally worth it.

I used The Best Recipe‘s gravy recipe as a guide, although I left out the part where it has you cut up the turkey heart and lungs and soul and whatever else is in that bag ‘o parts that comes with your turkey and put those parts back into the gravy. Actually, I didn’t have a bag ‘o parts because my week was so crazy that we didn’t even get to the grocery store until Wednesday night and they only had frozen turkeys, which would take a month or so to thaw. (OK, maybe not a month, but it was unlikely we could have a thawed turkey by Friday. Yes, I made the big dinner on Friday. We were at relatives’ on Thursday, but cooking and then eating for days is my favorite part of Thanksgiving, so we did it the next day.)

The point is that we ended up getting a fresh turkey breast, which was basically the same as the whole turkey only without legs. and the bag of parts. I cut off some pieces that didn’t look very edible to use in place of the parts in the recipe.

I brined the legless turkey in beef broth, red wine, kosher salt, and spices. When I roasted the turkey, I filled it with lots of vegetables and herbs. I also poured some chicken broth in the roasting pan, and sprinkled around more vegetables and herbs. I added water every half hour or so.

I followed the basic instructions for the gravy (brown the turkey parts, onion etc., simmer in chicken broth for a while, strain, separately make a roux, pour all but one cup of the liquid into the roux and whisk for a long while). Once the turkey was done, I put the roasting pan on the stove and deglazed the pan with a cup of white wine. I added the final cup of the liquid to that and let it simmer for a while. I probably had six cups of liquid. I strained that and then added about half to the roux mixture, slowly, as I whisked. I did not add the parts back to this.

Seriously, you are looking for things to pour this gravy on. I still have half of the pan drippings and stock I made from the turkey, and I am making that gravy again as soon as we finish eating this batch.

I thought I only liked cheesecake this much.

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