French toast (ish), aka EoMEoTE#10

Week before last, I was totally craving french toast. I don’t know what the deal was, but I just really wanted some. So, every so often, I’d ask P. to make me some, and he would in turn laugh at me. I had recently proclaimed (once again) my determination to eat more healthfully, so he wondered where the french toast would fit in. I said that I could make it low-fat. He laughed again. I took that as a personal challenge. He doesn’t even like french toast, so he’s suspect anyway. Who doesn’t like french toast?

One weekend morning, I decided to attempt some low-fat, low-tech french toast. I thought about baking it or stuffing it with cream cheese, but in the end, I was pretty lazy. It was a Saturday morning, after all.

I mixed together some egg beaters and skim milk and added a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract. I heated up some low-fat butter in a skillet. I used the Sara Lee Delightful bread, which is pretty good bread for being only one Weight Watchers point for two slices. I soaked the bread in the egg mixture in the usual way and then cooked it for several minutes on each side. Once both sides were crispy, I added a little more of the low-fat butter, poured a bit of low-calorie syrup over it (the fat-free stuff doesn’t even taste like food, so it’s been relegated to the very back of the cabinet), and sprinkled just a teeny bit of powdered sugar over the whole thing.

I admit, it was not as good as your full-fat french toasts. But it was pretty tasty. I’ll be more adventurous and try a baked/cream cheese version on a Saturday when I’ve had more coffee.

After eating my fantastic breakfast, I got to thinking that hey, eggs? bread? This just might qualify for Cook Sister’s end of the month egg on toast extravaganza! However, I haven’t participated lately, despite it being just my kind of thing (with no rules or deadlines) and I see that things have turned literary. Dr. Suess? Well, alrighty then!

French toast I wanted, “No!” said P.
“What about your healthy plea?”
“I have some tricks here up my sleeve,
I’m not on Weight Watchers leave.”
P. just laughed, but I’d show him.
I’d eat it all and still stay slim.
I could not have them with whole diary.
No yolks either? That was scary.
I could not have french crusty bread.
The light would have to do instead.
I could not have full butter fat.
What if the bread ends up too flat?
But it was great when it was done.
So, P. can laugh, and he’ll get none.

5 thoughts on “French toast (ish), aka EoMEoTE#10

  1. I’m afraid that I agree with P. French toast is loathsome. Unless it is part of a Monte Cristo Sandwich. Which would be right off of your current diet.

    Great post though. And I have to admit that even though I really don’t like French toast, your photo makes me think perhaps I should change my mind.


  2. I just came across your site through kiplog. And wanted to say I LOVE its title ! Elton John is great and your website name is adorable.

  3. hi Alice!

    Great post – necessity is clearly the mother of culinary invention!! ;-)

    And great pic too. Doesn’t look REMOTELY healthy, whcih is just how I like it!

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