domaine lafond lirac roc-epine blanc 2004

Not all French wine is good. This wine smells like bad asparagus. Also, it tastes like bad asparagus. I don’t even like asparagus to begin with, so this likely isn’t the wine for me.

This is a Rhone white blend, so I assumed I would like it. But actually, not so much. It’s a blend of Grenache Blanc (60%), Viognier (20%), and Roussanne (10%). I don’t know that I’ve ever had Grenache Blanc before, and Viognier is hit or miss with me. From some quick Googling, it seems like the red was a bit more well-received than the white.

It looks like this wine runs from around $13 – $17, and for that price, lots of other better possibilities exist. I snagged this bottle from work, and I’m not really sure I can even drink one glass.