Spring as seen through my camera phone. The first few are of the flowers on my balcony. I thought I should capture them before I killed them off. The others are from Alki. A friend and I grabbed lunch there yesterday. It’s definitely spring.

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

We went to the Woodland Park zoo a couple of weekends ago. We normally go to Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma because they have rescued circus polar bears, so we’d never been to this one before, even though it’s a lot closer. But then, we saw it featured on the 10 most amazing zoos or some such show on Animal Planet or something and figured we should check it out.

It was pretty cool. For one thing, two baby tigers were born in September, so they were hanging out with their mom. They were awesome. Their dad was out by himself, roaring up a storm. Where’s my wife?! He demanded.

Another pretty cool thing was the squirrels ate little bits of pretzel right from our fingers. I don’t think the squirrels were technically part of the zoo, but they were so cute, running right up and grabbing the pretzel with their little hands.

I took some pictures with my camera phone, hence the iffy quality.

This picture does not adequately show how huge this bear is. We saw two bears. This one mostly napped with his head leaning on a log and the other one napped by the water. P. said, “your bear wasn’t this big was it?” (Meaning, the bear that I met one day when I walked out my apartment door.) But no, my bear was a black bear, no where near this big. He was big enough, especially as he was ten feet away from me and walked me to my car, but I definitely would have ran back into my apartment if this zoo bear was outside.

A komodo dragon. Which I always want to call kimono dragons. Speaking of komodo dragons, I thought you had to have a special permit to go to the galapagos islands, but apparently you can now take a Celebrity cruise there. I’m torn between between outraged and thinking tourists should leave places like that alone and wanting to go. (Apparently, I’m very wrong about the no-tourists thing.)

It was hard to get pictures of this cute little fox. He had such big ears.

The tigers. So cute. So much into the licking, just like kitties. Only one baby would get tired of being licked and would go off by himself and the mom would get agitated and try to herd him back. But he just gnawed at a stick and ignored her.


Finally. First time snowboarding this year. I took all these with my camera phone, so the quality is not fantatic.

Waterfalls, frozen mid-fall. That white area in front in the first picture is the road.

The drive there is always really pretty, especially with snow covering the trees.

The road was a little iffy. I heard they later closed it entirely, stranding a lot of skiiers on the mountain. Fortunately, we left mid-afternoon, so we had no problem. Getting there was a bit dicey, as the road was covered in ice and packed snow. Traction tires were required; chains recommended. P. has a four-wheel drive truck, and it did just fine. A lot of people were pulled over putting on their chains though.

I fell a few times, so I thought I’d take some pictures of the view while I was near the top. It was pretty foggy and there was a bit of freezing rain, but it was still really pretty.

This is my favorite picture: P. and me, on the lift.

herbfarm, starring hamlet

The morning after we had dinner at the Herbfarm, we walked back over to say hello to Hamlet the pig and his duck friends in the daylight.

The ducks mostly try to steal his food and I don’t think he likes it much.

This duck is scared we want to eat him, or at least his liver:

We had a view of a lovely garden and pond (frozen), including this sculpture, from our patio.