a lot of updating to do

The last few months have been full of traveling, with a little elbow surgery mixed in. That hasn’t left a lot of time for cooking. (It’s more difficult than you might think to chop and stir one handed). But I have done a lot of eating great food and drinking wine (some great, some not so great). I just need to sort out my notes and type it all up.

catching up

When I don’t write down the food I’ve made, how can I make it again? I know I can’t rely on my memory. When I do that, I end up thinking, was that the recipe I liked? I think it was! And then I spend hours making it, only to realize after I’ve tasted it that it was the recipe I really did not like at all and vowed to never make again. Or I do remember that I really liked something, only it was because it had some special combination of ingredients that just came together and that I can never recreate again because I absolutely cannot remember what the combination was.

Right. So, I’m going to try and work backwards, although I’m sure some things are already lost forever. Especially all that wine I had. Which could have something to do with with the memory problem, now that I think of it.

I was at the grocery store the other day. The cashiers always try to figure out what I’m making. It’s the oddest thing. This guy looked at everything I was getting and I guess he couldn’t figure it out.

“What are you making for dinner?”


“Lime stew??”

Hee. Yes. Lime stew.

(As I’m sure anyone reading this has already knows, the limes were of course for the margaritas.)

Alton Brown

P. went with me to the book signing, even though he knows Alton Brown is my secret TV boyfriend. I asked him about his food blog. Apparently, he’s not going to update it any more. He thinks food blogs are all blah blah blah.